Saryan Street

Anja Shu
June 2, 2019
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July 8, 2019

It’s all about wine, baby!

Packed with lively wine bars and studios, Saryan is literally just meant for the classical combination of fine drinking and art. Saryan museum and former his house are in close neighborhood with the museum and former house of Tumanyan, after whom Tumanyan street is named.

Note: Most of the wine places close at midnight

In Vino EVN

Daily 11AM- Midnight

Invino was the first wine place in the street and was the founder of wine culture in the hood. Cheap and affordable wine poured in a glass and a very unique classy expensive wine wrapped for a take away purchase - your typical invino experience, if you plan a visit. Dropping by with friends for a wine get together promises a cozy evening either inside in the corky interior or outside in the hospitable atmosphere of joy and taste in the most wineful street of Yerevan.

Adress: 6 Martiros Saryan Street

Call: (010) 521931



Daily 12PM - Midnight

Tapastan is not only about wine - food is a fetish of the place. Come over ] hungry and order a crazy steak or tjvjik (beef liver pieces) and a bottle of red Armenian “Aparteni”. Same cozy and joyful atmosphere guaranteed.

Adress: 6 Martiros Saryan Street

Call: (010) 521931


Martiros Saryan house-museum

Collection of Martiros Saryan’s paintings in a well-curated space, also the original interior of his studio and apartment.

Adress: 3 Martiros Saryan Street

Call: (010) 580568


Voskevaz Wine Time

Daily 12PM - Midnight

Voskevaz, in the first place, is a winery located in Aragatsotn Region, Voskevaz village. Wine time is a wine bar/restaurant headquarter of the winery with a chill back yard. Open air sweet yard is the pearl of this place along with its branded wines. For a snack order “vegetable symphony”, a nice compliment for both white and red wine.

Adress: 8 Martiros Saryan Street

Call: 091 776262


Process Pub

Daily 6PM - till late.

Once you are there do not be trapped if you think it is closed. Process is open till very late, but you need to first ring a bell to enter - a little bit of secrecy gives this place a touch of uniqueness. Live music and dj gigs, very cozy atmosphere and best night pizza. Process has a hippie heart and a soul of a jazz and house lover - jazz is played very intensely and very often, while playlists are full of house and other nice sounds. It is always enjoyable, but again do not forget to try the pizza!

Adress: 1 a Martiros Saryan Street

Call: 055 430925


Mane Tiles

A hip bar/restaurant with crafter food and drinks, is claimed to have best cappuccino in town. It is very pleasant to sit outside on a terrace, especially when a dj set takes place outdoors on hot summer evenings.

Call: Call 095 107777


Gouroo Club & Garden

Daily 08:30 AM - Midnight.

Saryan’s hidden garden and a treasury for sophisticated cuisine and drinks - calm atmosphere during the day, which is great for work and business, while at night the place turns into cocktail paradise with occasional jazz and dj gigs. Unique and universal.

Adress: 13 Martiros Saryan Street

Call: (011) 222040


Nairian Cosmetics

Whatever you are looking for a gift or a souvenir or a special thing to bring home from your travel to Armenia - this is the one you should consider. Nairian is a chain of organic cosmetics that comes from Armenia. Natural ingredients gathered in Armenia combined with a fantastic shop experience will make a good memory to bring home.

Adress: 13 Martiros Saryan Street


23.5 Coffee

Daily 8:30AM-8:30PM

Early bird’s vital supply of coffee and tea, the place serves a great take away option - ask for their special coffee mix, which comprises of well done arabica and robusta. Cute complimentary cookies at the coffee station make your heart melt and hands grab the last ones off. There is also a huge tea selection - form Japan, Indonesia, India and etc.

Adress: 1 Martiros Saryan Street


Hans & Franz

Exceptional steaks and burgers for a demanding visitor. Price tags are not medium raw, but the steaks from that category taste delicious. Our favorite - Flank Steak and Angus burger. Oh, also, their homemade potatoes - one of the best in town.

Adress: 8 Martiros Saryan Street

Call: 095 888805


Ost Bistro

Fast, bad music, great food, cheap. Shawarma and Lahmajoun, also king size aveluk soup with all the royal ingredients in it, served with bread. Kebab is also made in front of your eyes, being very soft and juicy on your plate. Aravelyan (Armenian) coffee here is for sure best in town made on hot sand and served in a jazzve cup. Very eastern pleasure. Don’t forget to order homemade tan too!

Adress: 16 Martiros Saryan Street

Call: (010) 600808


1880 bar & more

Daily 11:00 AM - Midnight

If you are more than three people and want to hang out in a big company you found your fit - tis is Saryan’s legendary place for hangouts and long drinking where you will feel comfy because of furniture arrangement and easy-going atmosphere.

Adress: 16 Martiros Saryan Street

Call: 043 180080


Saryan’ Notes

Daily 11:00 AM - Midnight

If you are not sure about all the other spots - check Saryan Notes. It has its visitor’s circle and is popular for fine dining in the street.

Adress: 1 Martiros Saryan Street

Call: (011) 202006