Where to find the best Zhingyalov Hats

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November 2, 2019
Araks Sahakyan
November 17, 2019

What is it? 100% veggie

Literally a flatbread stuffed with a variety of finely diced herbs and green veggies from the highlands of Artsakh and Syunik, where it originally comes from and remains its local traditional dish. It is known for being a very healthy meal and for its importance in granting vital energy. It is also good for digestion! And where to grab it? Here’s our guide to a healthy vegetarian dinner in the city.

Zhingyalov hats

This is the headquarters of Yerevani Zhingyalov hats - this place specializes in serving the right Zhingyalov Hats. Here it is not too oily, herbs are finely cut, it is tasty and cheap. Get a bottle of fresh tan or Jermuk and order some breads and you are all set.

Adress: 62 Teryan Street

Call: +374 10 582205


Mer Gyugh Restaurant

This place on Tumanyan street is quite popular with tourists, who usually order Lahmajoun or Zatar - but the restaurant also serves great Zhingyalov Hats, which is way better than their version of Zatar. Also, quite cheap.

Adress: 32 Tumanyan Street

Call: (010) 548700


Kovkas Pandok

Apart from a huge variety of Armenian traditional specialties Pandok has exceptional Zhingyalov hats served freshly made and hot.

Adress: 82 Hanrapetutyan Street

Call: 099 561177


Tatik Papik

If you became a real fan of Zhingyalov hats, here is a place off the beaten path for you. Located in Nor Sebastia it needs a long walk from the center or a drive but is worth the visit. The taste is totally a winner of all and has the oldest recipe - 14 kinds of different herbs are inside. This is the closest you get to what is actually served in Artsakh.

Adress: 17/3 Ohanov Street

Call: 096 271027