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September 13, 2019
Five New Spots For Your Must-Try List
October 14, 2019

Every year one of the streets in Yerevan claims all the fame and foot traffic. This year it was Arami street. After being long avoided due to ongoing construction in the park, the dust, and debris, Arami Street is finally shining and welcoming people. Whether it’s Monday or Friday, there are hundreds of people in the park or dining in the restaurants, or just having a drink. There’s something for every taste.

Park with Fountains

The newly opened park with fountains probably ranks as the number one for families with young children during warm Yerevan evenings. The park is always crowded, kids are playing right in the fountains, everybody seems so happy here.


Eghishe Charents Memorial Museum

Outstanding poet Eghishe Charents is recognized as the main poet of the 20th century Armenia. You can find his poems as street art on different walls in the city center.

Hours: Tuesday-Saturday: 11:00-12:20, 13:45-17:00

Sunday: 11:00-12:20, 13:45-16:00

Adress: 17 Mashtots ave

Call: (010) 531412


Patrick’s Pastry

A cozy place with delicious pastries, good coffee, and freshly baked bread. Great spot for breakfast just by yourself or with friends. Patrick’s is open from 9 a.m. late for some early birds, but worth the wait. Our recommendation: Torsade, or any kind of croissant you see there.

Address: 64 Aram Street

Call 044 008118


Holiday Inn Express Yerevan

This hotel is a brand new addition in the city skyline and ideal for "Simple and Smart" travelers. Located in the center of the city it offers 130 rooms, a meeting room, free breakfast, and free WiFi internet.

Adress: 97, 2 Pavstos Buzand St

Call: 060 404000


Casa Nostra

Outstanding Italian restaurant with tasty food, an extensive list of Italian wines, and fast delivery. The staff is very friendly and professional. The atmosphere is quite enjoyable and makes you feel like you're on a quick visit to Italy. Sit back, sip some wine while you wait for your food, and enjoy the open kitchen. Our recommendation: Ricotta - Tarragon salad.

Address: 91 Pavstos Buzand Street

Call 099 544466


Seasons Restaurant

Fancy restaurant, full of tourists and locals. The food is not cheap, but tasty. Smoking and non-smoking areas, good service.

Adress: 15/5 Mashtoc Street

Call: (012) 777770


Dargett Brewpub

Dargett Brew-Pub serves 21 types of hand made craft beer utilizing high-quality ingredients, the best traditions of brewing and the latest Italian technology.

Adress: 76 Aram Street

+374 44 757588


Dragon Garden

Dragon Garden is a family restaurant specialized in Asian cuisine. If you feel like enjoying Asian food on a beautiful evening, you should definitely visit Dragon Garden to get quality service, delicious food and much more.

Adress: 72 Aram Street

+374 96 870870


Eat & Fit

A healthy lifestyle, vegan and vegetarian food philosophy is the cornerstone of the Eat&Fit restaurant concept.

Adress: 80 Aram Street

044 588080


Simona Bar-Home

Simona is a good place to be where there aren’t many people, wild dancing crowds and loud music. Saturdays are non-smoking days for a while and Friday to Sunday evenings are full of partying people. Yeah, people actually dance in Yerevan bars, and if you’re not into sweat and smoke, you better get your fix before the party animals arrive.

Adress: 80 Aram Street

+374 95 426619

Saint John the Baptist Church at Kond

(Surp Hovhannes Mkrtich) is an active church in the old area of Kond, Yerevan, Armenia. It was built on the hill of Kond district, in 1710, replacing a medieval church which was ruined in an earthquake. It was built by Melik Aghamal a wealthy businessman living in Yerevan. Like other medieval churches, this is a three-nave basilica church. The rectangular plan of the church includes the prayer-hall and the main altar on the eastern side, attached to which are the sacristies.


Well, we can’t just write a little bit about Kond. It’s a parallel reality. Located on a hill, Kond is the oldest neighborhood that has survived to this day. Beware when visiting: the more you walk, the bigger it becomes. And at some point, you feel like you’ll never get out of there. But it’s absolutely worth a visit. Start from Arami street to enjoy the most recent additions to Kond Gallery Mural Project.