Tumanyan Street

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July 8, 2019
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July 23, 2019

Tumanyan Street actually starts from Khanjian street and escalates up to the hill where Tumanyan museum rests overlooking the avenue. The street is home to many-many-many restaurants, cafes, snack spots, bars that are gradually decreasing as you reach Khanjian Street. We featured Tumanyan street cool spots starting from Tumanyan Museum.

Tumanyan Museum

Daily 11:00 - 4:30 PM, except Mondays

Museum dedicated to the renowned prominent thinker, writer, poet, fabulist, and humanist Hovhannes Toumanian, with a total of 18000 exhibited items. Stairs on both sides of the museum entrance will guide you to Demirchyan and later Kond - the oldest part of the city.

Adress: 40 Moskovyan Street


Gemini Cafeteria

Daily 10AM-11PM

Legendary place for Italian style mafia ice cream hangout. Desperately good crepes with anything inside (chicken or nutella, does not matter – they are all exceptionally good) and sweets, very nice old school coffee and superb service. This is an old place, open only in spring and summer/early fall as it is outdoors only. Spend half an hour chilling under the trees in red-padded wooden chairs and worthwhile people watching. A corner of never-ending siesta.

Adress: 31 Tumanyan Street


Mer Taghe

A gross menu with vague pictures of dishes but the realest real Lahmajoun, bigger than the plate and juicy as hell. Go inside for a surprise - ask at the front desk for an old Armenian lady that will wave at you from the window and mumble something. Fast and furious, all the dishes are fresh, but try not to order Zatar - this is not exactly the place to try it.

Adress: 21/1 Tumanyan St


Tumanyan Khinkali

BEST Khinkali in the city, also the most popular place for it. Rest in the terrace or inside, and get a portion of Khinkali with tan.

Adress: 21/1 Tumanyan Street


Tumanyan Shaurma

Late night Shawarma and more. Great ice cream to go and a buffet upstairs for healthier options. The buffet closes at 10pm, but Shawarma has no time limits - open fire, fast service and fresh ingredients. Night and Day.

Adress: 32 Tumanyan Street


Lavash Restaurant

A perfect Armenian breakfast spot for early birds - the restaurants opens at 8:30 and closes late. If you aren’t necessarily the breakfast type, you can check it out later in the day. For lunch you could order a filling portion of Dolma and pakhlava for dessert.

Address: 21 Tumanyan Street


The Club

This is a classy spot with very interesting servings of dishes and snacks - try the specialty - stuffed lavash wraps. Very quiet - this is the place to be if you are looking for a classy peaceful evening.

Adress: 40 Tumanyan Street


Mr. Gyros

Greek. Fast. Food. It’s a chain restaurant, so if you have no appetite for local food and are looking for a cheap and fast bite - welcome.

Adress: 121/1 Toumanyan str. 40 Toumanyan str., 62 Teryan str. 5 Mashtoc ave. Prospekt Mall Dalma Garden Mall 59/6 Komitas ave.


Old Beijing

First Chinese restaurant in town. It is slow and quite overpriced, but definitely delicious. the atmosphere of a chinese restaurant satisfies world standards.

Adress: 9 Tumanyan Street



24/7 food with delivery options and huge choice. As it is now the ethno loft - the interior design adds up to the relaxed atmosphere. The biggest advantage - huge choice and opening hours. Try harissa and spas.

Adress: 19 Tumanyan Street


Antique Carpets

Nice showroom featuring new & antique, hand-knotted rugs in a variety of designs & sizes.

Adress: 32 Tumanyan Street