Not-to-Miss Cocktails

Narek Barseghyan
April 28, 2019
Eco-Gastro tours
May 2, 2019

Beer, and mostly local beer will always be the preferred alcoholic beverage for those looking for cheap booze on a Friday night. However, the growing culture of cocktail bars in Yerevan has introduced us to the art of bartending.

There's definitely cocktail drinkers and a growing cocktail appreciation. It's pretty interesting at the moment, as you can see Armenian bartenders use local berries, herbs, and other local produce in their beautiful creations. I have a few favorite bartenders in the city and here is my list of venues where you can sit at the bar and admire some serious bartending skills. Here's a tip - ask your bartender about the ingredients in your drink. Bartenders love that there are passionate people about mixology not just behind the bar but on the other side of it too.


This low-lit bar is my number one choice when I'm in Kentron. The decor and wallpaper give Simona a dash of retro elegance otherwise hard-to-find in the neighborhood. Most importantly, the drinks at Simona are well-mixed and tasty.

Kristi112 (Estonia) 5⭐ Best cocktails in town! Amazing place, with friendly atmosphere, wonderful service and fantastic cocktails! Highly recommend!

jhyldahl (Doha, Qatar) 5⭐ The perfect quaint bar to spend an evening. This bar was right across from our hotel (Holiday Inn Express) and we spent most nights in there. The bartenders are extremely skilled and make some of the most amazing in house specials. I have never experienced anything like them.


The first time I went to the 2nd Floor I couldn't find the entrance. Yeah, that actually happened. Once you figure out how to get inside you'll find yourself in a pleasantly decorated bar with tasty food and quite interesting drinks. This bar would be my pick for those nights when you just need to hang with a friend and have a nice chat.

LightofGod (Los Angeles, California) 5⭐ To me the most important thing in restaurants is atmosphere, good food and music! I was really satisfied with all the above and I highly recommend this place for your quality time!!!

Gayane Mikayelyan (Yerevan, Armenia) 5⭐ I definitely love this place, highly recommend this place for those who love the good atmosphere, quality cocktails, delicious food,


In a ground floor of an unassuming building, you'll find an interesting spot for a quick drink if you're a non-smoker. But if you smoke and/or the smoke doesn't bother you at all, you can stay till they kick you out. Calumet organizes some cool concerts too. Really though, it’s all about the cocktails and a very good list of spirits.

hasseltisheet (Hasselt, Belgium) 4⭐ Don't stop me now, I'm having such a good time Maybe we landed here, coincidentally, on an atypically good night, but: what a night. Crazy times: crazy people (very international crowd), mostly good music (more on that further on), good and cheap drinks. The toilets are surprisingly clean. The gin-tonics are drinkable. The atmosphere is hip. The bartenders are super nice and will play your favorite music if you ask nicely and spell loudly and clearly (d... a... f... t...). Dancing on the tables is not a problem, on the contrary. Two little points of criticism: you'll reek of cigarettes (please prohibit smoking in bars, Armenia, yes you can!). And you can only pay cash.


For those lazy summer nights after a long day, head over to the warmly lit Mirzoyan Library for a nice cocktail and gourmet comfort food. Each sip of any of their cocktails can wash away your worries, especially when you sit in the beautiful balcony and just chill.

Narekjan (Yerevan, Armenia) 5⭐ Hidden treasure Located off the Republic Square, this place is so special not only for locals who value the flavor of old Yerevan. Library offers a wide variety of professional Photography related literature, exceptional photo exhibitions and selection tea, coffee, organic food, and extraordinary whiskey. Perfect for organizing corporate events in a creative and inspirational way.


Easily the best bar in the area, The Kond House is off the beaten path in Yerevan. It's spacious and consists of many rooms and a nice patio, which is especially pleasant on a summer night. Get a nice cocktail and enjoy it outdoors. And remember to bring a treat or two for the famous Kond kittens.

WhiteLupus (Yerevan, Armenia) 5⭐ Great Idea, Nice Atmosphere It's a nice big house near old city (Kond), turned into a cool place with nice drinks and food. They have both smoking and non-smoking areas, and table football. I do really like the place even if it still looks like a Soviet house with a bunch of strangers 😀 I mean.. at least look to their toilet... They have a bathtub there 😀


The Club is many things to many people: Concert venue, restaurant, bar, and heaven for unusual acts and performances of all types. But no matter your reason for sidling up to this bar, the cocktails are consistently excellent, and inventive.

joannavillena09 (Dubai, United Arab Emirates) 5⭐ I adore the set-up and interior of the restaurant. The waitress is quite accommodating and the food was absolutely delicious. They have a good variety of wines and cocktails. And the steak on the rock is divine. The sangria was a bit too strong but still enjoyable. I love Manti. The most exquisite Armenian food I had during my visit. Will recommend this place to anyone visiting Armenia


Epicure is hard to miss. Very inviting storefront, unpretentious, modern, laidback decor. Ambiance and music are just the vibes to get you in a mood for a nice cocktail. Very attractive staff, super friendly, and seemed like a great spot for the educated drinker. As an added bonus, the food here outshines most restaurants by miles.

Ani Alaverdyan (Yerevan, Armenia) 5⭐ Relaxed and cozy ambiance with great music and cool design. Excellent customer service, very professional and friendly staff, food is super delicious and the biggest advantage for me that smoking is not allowed inside. The best cocktails in the town! Try it! Highly recommended !!!


Pahest33 The classics done well, like Moscow mules, mingle with other creative cocktails at Pahest 33. The friendly bartenders and a chill vibe draw regulars and visitors alike.

Artak H (Yerevan, Armenia) 5⭐ The best music in Yerevan Great place with delicious cuisine and professional bartenders, who love to improvise every single cocktail for you to make you happy)))