Date Ideas to Consider

April 3, 2019
How to Build a Capsule Wardrobe
April 16, 2019
April 3, 2019
How to Build a Capsule Wardrobe
April 16, 2019

It doesn't matter the time or the season, love is always in the air in Yerevan.


If you are planning a first date, you’ll want to do something fun to help break the ice. Here are a few ideas that are perfect for first dates!


Pahest 33

44 Sky Bar


The Kond House


Charentsi 28

The Club


Bel Etage

Cucina Italian Restaurant

Ai Leoni


"Love is like a virus. It can happen to anybody at any time." Maya Angelou



A fun date shouldn’t mean breaking the bank. After all, the best things in life are free! Here are a few ideas for affordable and special dates.

This is a tried-and-true romantic date idea that won’t cost you an arm and a leg. Make sandwiches at home and bring something to drink. Sit on the stairs of Cascade and enjoy your food with spectacular views.

Taking a walk down memory lane is always fun! Meet at a quiet cafe and go through old photos from before you were together and share their stories with each other.

Take a puzzle to Mirzoyan Library and see how fast you can work together to complete it while enjoying some tasty snacks and drinks.

Head to a bookstore and get each other a book!

We all love going out to eat, but it can get pricey so quickly! So sometimes, you can just go out for dessert instead. It keeps things inexpensive but lets us still have the fun of eating out. Try Louis Charden cafe and bakery for its nice atmosphere and delicious desserts.

Take a stroll around your neighborhood and look for some graffiti art. Or head to a new area of your city that you've never been, Kond for example, and have fun exploring the murals! The only rule, of course, is that you have to hold hands!

Watch for a sale event at a shopping mall and plan your date around that! Shopping with your date can be fun, however, keep in mind that some guys like to shop and some don't.



When it comes to keeping the spark alive, sometimes you just need to try something new. Here are unique Yerevan dates that guarantee to impress!

ChocoDin - Come learn artisan chocolate-making at ChocoDin's Yerevan chocolate factory. You’ll learn some of the physical and chemical aspects of working with chocolate and get hands-on training in making your own confections. You will leave with your own delicious creations and a whole new appreciation and love for the art of being a chocolatier!

Explore the potential of working with clay with your date in one of In Art Studio's or Terracotta Studio's Drop-In Classes! Make a clay pot for flowers or ceramic coffee mugs for your future apartment.

Do an easy hike to spectacular views at Ara Ler. If you’re the outdoors type but not in the mood to tackle a long distance hike, Tsaghkevanq might hit the spot.

Wine & Grapes Spa

Here you have the chance to escape your everyday life in Spa's quiet and serene environment. The atmosphere along with their extraordinary services will enable you to feel relaxed and completely revitalized.

Seeing Hands Massage Studio.

Seeing hands provides massages by a visually impaired massage therapist. The key difference with blind massage is not in the treatment method but in the person doing it. Giving a good massage is dependent on a person's tactile sensitivity. Blind people have a strong advantage in this. They can do better massages because they can concentrate more on small movements and feel things better.



Gyumri, the second largest city in Armenia, is a great destination for a weekend getaway. You can definitely drive to Gyumri, but you can also get there by train. The car takes concentration, especially if you have something important to discuss. Seated side by side in a train, you get to view the scenery through your window. There's also time to kiss. Sleep. Dream. Check out for suggestions on what to see and do in Gyumri.