Getting Around the City

Young and Punctual by Richard Elmoyan
April 20, 2019
April 27, 2019

Navigating Yerevan's outdated transportation system is quite easy to understand. There are buses, trolleybuses, marshrootkas, subway, and taxi cabs. The marshrootka is a terrible remnant of former Soviet public transportation system that has gone berserk in modern-day Yerevan. You can technically get in and get out of marshrootka outside the designated bus stop area, just need to raise your hand to stop them and raise your voice to ask the driver to stop. Marshrootkas are more expensive than buses. A ride in a marshrootka and bus will cost you 100 drams. My most favorite means of transportation is the subway and a one time ride will cost you 100 drams. Subway trains have been renovated recently and are equipped with wireless internet. The subway system isn't complex at all and has only 10 stops. And keep in mind that it closes at 23:00 (which is 11 pm).

Taxi Service

More than a few thousand taxi cabs offer their passengers a quick and comfy ride to their destination. Get safely and comfortably to where you want to go in Yerevan or outside Yerevan whenever you want – airport or railway station, a business meeting or anywhere else you may have in mind.

Mobile app taxi services:

You can order a taxi in Yerevan by using the following apps:

ggTaxi: It takes just two taps on your smartphone to order car anytime in Armenia

Yandex Taxi: It’s a preferred alternative to personal car ownership for many people.

U Taxi: Have a nice trip with U Taxi

Most of the people using a taxi service in Yerevan strongly suggest using GG Taxi. It's easy to download and is very user-friendly. You can pay for the taxi with a credit card and cash. GG drivers seem to be polite, drive newer cars, and always keep change for the fare. And, they don't smoke while driving. It is an Armenian-founded company and there are over 1500 registered drivers in Yerevan alone. GG Taxi also operates in Georgia.

If you’re on the move already, you can also simply flag down a free cab. A taxi is free if its roof sign is lit up. There are also taxi ranks all over the city, with taxis waiting for you. However, this could be an older car or may have a smoking driver. Another issue (and a very annoying one) is the choice of music the driver listens to and its volume. No matter where you go, make sure to negotiate the price before getting in a taxi. A short ride in the city shouldn't be over 800 AMD.

From and to the Zvartnots Airport There are also taxi ranks at the railway station and airport. You can choose any taxi waiting there, you’re not obliged to take the first in line! Recommended: at the airport, go to the indicated taxi ranks – this way, you’ll avoid impostor taxi drivers approaching you by the arrival gate and charging excessive fares. If you have a SIM card and can quickly download any of the taxi apps, do it. Otherwise, negotiate with the taxi driver and don't pay more than 3000 AMD to get to the city center. If you can, keep some banknotes of a lower denomination with you – taxi drivers are not obliged to hold large amounts of change.

Yerevan taxi fares. The base fare is 600 AMD for each kilometer, and this lets you estimate your fare pretty accurately before you even get into the taxi. Mini-van taxis and bulky luggage incur an extra charge. Waiting in heavy traffic shouldn’t usually affect the fare – the meter does not account for a time.

The taxi services are fully operational well past midnight but it may be difficult to get a taxi during summer nights, especially on Fridays and Saturdays.


Day Trips from Yerevan

Kilikia Bus Station: 6 Admiral Isakov Ave

  • Jermuk
  • Stepanakert
  • Vanadzor
  • Gyumri
  • Ashtarak
  • Ejmiatsin
  • Tbilisi
  • Batumi

Tel. +374-10-565370


Since 2018 a new train was added to the Yerevan-Gyumri route and it operates on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays in Express mode. The train leaves Yerevan at 10:00, and returns to the capital at 16:55. The duration of the trip is 1 hour 59 minutes. It has ventilation, sterilization, fire and security systems. The train is wheelchair accessible and is equipped with a free Wi-Fi connection. The price of one ticket is AMD 2,500.

Yerevan Train Station: Tigran Mets Ave., 50 Building

  • Gyumri
  • Artashat
  • Khor-Virap
  • Sevan
  • Masis
  • Tbilisi
  • Batumi

Helpful Phone Numbers

+374-60-463444 , +374-60-463445 , +374-60-463446 , +374-10-575002

Ticket Office of "Yerevan" Station: +374-60-463284 Service Center of "Yerevan" Station: +374-60-463283


Raykom Station: Azatutyan Ave.

  • Hrazdan
  • Tsaghkadzor


Northern Bus Staion: M4 Highway, Verin Ptghni

  • Dilijan
  • Ijevan
  • Sevan
  • Tsaghkadzor


Gai Bus Station: 14/3 Gai Str. (near Mercedes Benz Auto Saloon)

  • Garni
  • Geghard


Yerevan-Tbilisi by Car: Vanik and Co (21 USD one way )

  • +995 599145479 (Georgia)
  • +374 91708570 (Armenia)


Helpful Apps

Hike Armenia : Plan your trip with Hike Armenia.

Other Yerevan: Discover Other Yerevan.

A2b Transport: Find the transport you need with A2b Transport.

Velopark: Best app for cyclers.

Zvartnoc: Follow real time flights arriving and departing to/from Zvartnots Airport Order your favorite dishes from any restaurant.

Dinebook: Dinebook allows you to search, discover and make reservations in the best restaurants in Yerevan. Available offline in all over the world. is an Android app that provides live exchange rates for popular currencies (USD, EUR, RUR, GEL, etc.) from all Armenian banks and majority of Exchange Points.

360 Stories Armenia: 360Stories is a virtual reality database of amazing places in 360-degrees connected to stories that bring them alive.

Zangi: Zangi is a free messaging application that works everywhere.

Yellow Pages: Information on 28 000 companies, organizations and state structures of Armenia and Artsakh (Nagorno-Karabakh).


Emergency numbers

  • General emergency: 112 or 911
  • Fire brigade: 101
  • Police: 102
  • Ambulance: 103
  • Gas services: 104