Yerevan’s Eligible Bachelors
February 24, 2019
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March 9, 2019

The girl who just got to the city:

She’s here to live out her dream of finding a great husband and moving to the city. Be gentle on this girl. She’s innocent and wonderfully positive - let her stay that way.

The girl who can't wait to get out of the city:

She's usually quite attractive and well taken care of. She wears expensive clothes that look cheap. She eats at the same restaurants and has developed a silent language with the waiters who always know what she likes. She will only mingle with people from the upper class. Occasionally, she complains how BORING Yerevan is compared to Paris or even Moscow. She's most probably looking for a man to take her out of Yerevan and build a new life somewhere more exciting. Breaking into the upper class might be a bit tough in a new city, especially Paris. Therefore, if you end up marrying this type, don't sell your real estate in Yerevan because you might come crawling back to your humble roots.

The girl who wants mo' money:

Some women just have an eye for a man who has the spare cash or might have something someday. Had she put the same effort that she puts in finding the rich guy into her own thing, she could have totally made it even bigger one day. But, why try for the big break for yourself when you can live off the big break of someone else? How to attract this girl? No worries, she'll find you if you're worth it.

The girl who's done with dating:

We all have this friend. She’s fun, well read, cute face and great personality. However, she’s done with dating. First, she went out with her favorite types of guys and then not so favorite. After a while, there were random guys, neighbor’s acquaintance or relative, her hairstylist’s brother, the marshrutka driver’s son, so on and so forth. Nothing worked. All dates were bad. Honestly, we don’t have a piece of advice for her and/or for you.

The girl who got it all:

She was born into a well to do family where almost all her dreams and desires were instantly gratified. Some of these girls do grow out of it and pursue a hobby or career of their own, always thankful to their parents and appreciating how fortunate they are. Others just expect the same treatment out of everyone they make friends with or date. If she decides to keep you, there’s a good chance you’ll be amazed how much you look like her dad.

The girl who can do anything better than you:

The Achiever. More power to her. She gets what she wants by working for it. Whatever industry she’s in, she’s dedicated and eventually quite successful. Don’t think that her dedication means she doesn’t care about you. It’s a difficult balance to find. She appreciates when you respect what she does and how she does it. Dating may not be as inspiring or intriguing for her as completing a big project. For that reason, when you realize she’s exactly what you’re looking for, don’t wait - propose!

The girl who dives deeper:

She isn't satisfied with merely scratching the surface of who someone is – she wants to see right into your soul and understand you on a meaningful, intimate level. She's inspired and romantic and loves beauty and poetry. The future is her main focus, not the present or past. So, don't bore her with the stories of your glorious past. Instead, help her plan the next epic event in her life.

The girl who's hard to get:

Believe it or not, not every woman that you meet needs a man to keep her company because a cat or a dog may be doing that already. She’s fine on her own and may just want some fun once in a while. She’ll make this very clear and will do it very quickly, so don’t think you can somehow turn it into something bigger. You’ll just end up hurting yourself over it. She’s living the life of her dreams.