Our Favorite Ways to Relax

Interview with Erhan Arik
December 1, 2019
December 5, 2019

Not feeling productive at work? The solution may be simple. If you don't belong in the group of people who claim that "I will sleep when I am dead" but you still have a hard time getting enough sleep and you know already that it affects your productivity at work, here are our simple suggestions for you:


Bedding: if you haven't changed your bedding in a while, why don't you go shopping and get something ultra soft and inviting from Zara Home at Yerevan Mall or Laura Ashley Armenia.

Start a bedtime ritual: take a warm bath with Bnatur 's bath salts and drink some caffeine-free tea by Ritea Armenia from Geghard village. Your body cools down after each of these activities and triggers the brain to induce sleep.

Deal with stress: make time for meditation or aromatherapy with Go Green Armenia.

Unplug: no scrolling the phone screen and checking updated on social media. Get this book from incredible Armenian author Aram Pachyan: Goodbye Bird.