January 5, 2019
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January 8, 2019
January 5, 2019
Healthy Skin Tips
January 8, 2019

Every time summer rolls around in Yerevan there seems to be a ton of things to do all of a sudden.

Between traditional open-air concerts, film screenings, festivals, and an easily contagious laid-back attitude, there are nearly countless reasons why summer in the city is pretty much always a lot of fun.

Armenians love eating and drinking outside in the summer months. Starting around May the rooftop bars and restaurants in Cascade and Saryan street, also known as the wine street, start opening up their doors for the season. You can find rooftop bars at the fancy hotels, some of them with sweeping views of the city. Expect to pay more at the rooftop bars and restaurants on Cascade and Saryan than on the other streets, but the rooftops are worth it for the views, the breeze, and the atmosphere of Cascade and Saryan.

Get a bottle of local wine or beer and spend the night on the steps of Cascade with a friend. The higher up the stairs you go, the better are the views and the less is the noise from the restaurants.


On a hot summer night be enchanted by the singing fountain in the republic square. The shows are from 8 pm until 11 pm.

Attend a live concert at the Lover's Park on Baghramyan Avenue.

Avoid the Water fight called Vardavar, or get a bucket and join the thousands of people on the streets. Things can get pretty rough by the Swan Lake, where anyone can grab you and throw in the water. There's an unwritten law that everything is ok on that day and you can't get upset at anyone. So, our suggestion is to spend the day indoors reading a book or watching a movie. And you can always order fresh fruits and berries on to make a nice refreshing juice or a smoothie or order food from your favorite restaurant using

The weather can get very hot, to the point that the asphalt starts melting. You better avoid wearing heels during those days.

If you can’t take the heat anymore and getting to lake Sevan is not happening for some reason, (it's the traffic or the taxi didn’t have air conditioning) you can check out the swimming pools at Vahagni, by the Red Cross or some hotel pools in the city.


"Some people are so much sunshine to the square inch." Walt Whitman


Come get covered in color at the Yerevan Color Run. It is organized at Hamalir Complex in July (date varies) and starts early in the morning with an energetic fitness warm-up to get ready for the 5km run.

Golden Apricot Yerevan International Film Festival at the Moscow Cinema on July 8-15. This is probably the most important and not-to-miss event of the summer. Dozens of film directors and hundreds of film lovers arrive in Yerevan just for the festival.

Goris Regional Park holds the annual Syunik Mulberry Festival in July, which essentially aims to make Goris an attractive tourist destination and to boost the social and economic life of the area. Each community in Syunik Province represents different national and regional dishes made from mulberry. A good chance to try Armenian mulberry vodka, taste dried mulberries, and mulberry molasses, called doshab in Armenian.



If you're an avid hiker and the summer heat doesn't bother you at all, you should check out Tours in Armenia, Hike Armenia or Wild Armenia websites for hike ideas and tour dates with their amazing tour guides. While we're pretty much convinced you can't go wrong when it comes to hiking in Armenia, there are some areas you undoubtedly must visit at least once and with experienced tour guides. We recommend always carrying plenty of water, sunblock cream, extra layers, some snacks (trail mix or protein-loaded bars), keeping your surroundings clean and being extra mindful of how much daylight you have left. Trailheads in some of these featured areas can reach very remote areas and it's not uncommon for hikers to get lost. Also, keep in mind that you may not always have a cell phone service.

And, remember, even though you may not be far from a town or a village, you are hiking in the wild. We don't want to deter you, but there are snakes and some wild animals. But, seriously, don't worry. Keep in mind that there are very few serious hiking incidents.


The beauty of any trip to Armenia is simply the sheer variety packed into this tiny country in the Caucasus! Perhaps the best way to see as much as possible is by renting a car and going your own way: explore the mountains in Syunik and fall in love with the history of ancient Armenia or explore Aragats mountain and Amberd fortress and the beautiful gorge surrounding it. Drive through small towns and villages along your way. And trust us: the welcoming smiles of the local children and adults make every village feel like you’re coming home.


The ultimate summer destination in Armenia is always Lake Sevan. The camping grounds around the lake such as Wishup Shore are hugely popular among Armenian youth and tourists. Truly, there's nothing quite like waking up near the lake with little but a sleeping bag and a zip between you and the crisp morning air! For those who don't have the yearning to be one with nature, check out Tsaghkunq Guest House and Sevan Writers' House: all the beauty, with none of the bugs!

Lake Parz is a peaceful retreat surrounded by forests of Dilijan National Park. The road to the lake is in pretty bad shape, but if you are feeling adventurous, it's a good bike ride or just a walk. There are trails that go to nearby Goshavank monastery. It's a must see monastery with some of the most intricate khachkars. You can also find old broken khachkars in the woods just off the trail if you decide to hike and enjoy nature. The camping area by the lake may get crowded during the weekends.