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January 8, 2019
January 21, 2019

Armenia has well defined four seasons, but spring seems to be the shortest of all.

So when does spring come to Yerevan? It's hard to predict anything but, trust us, everyone is looking forward to putting on brighter colors, strolling through a park with blooming trees, sitting on a bench, licking their first ice cream of the year while listening to the chirping of the birds.

Depending on when you get to Yerevan in spring, the chances are pretty high that you might experience a few rainy days. While in Yerevan during spring months, have a book in your purse, just in case, so you can escape to a quiet café and read it when the rain starts pouring.


"In the Spring, I have counted 136 different kinds of weather inside of 24 hours."
Mark Twain


Here are our favorite places to sit and read a book:

The Green Bean Coffee Shop

The Green Bean Coffee Shop is one of the quietest places, where you can bring your book, sit and read, and be left alone. If the weather is good, seating in the outdoor area with some freshly roasted coffee is the best option.

Zangak Bookstore Cafe

Zangak bookstore is located right in the center of Yerevan. Buy a book and enjoy it in the bookstore ’s cafe, with calm music and nice atmosphere.

Mirzoyan Library

The first photobook-library in the region is located in one of Yerevan ’s historic districts, in an old building with typical Yerevan style courtyard and balcony. Choose a book from the library collection or bring your own with you. Great coffee and very friendly staff.

The Club

The Club is a combination restaurant, tea room, and cafe. Its cafe section is a perfect place for reading. You can find selected books here about art. If you are a tea lover, the club offers a delicate selection of herbal and classic teas. Once a week, guest musicians perform live classical music.

Achajur Cafe

The best time for reading in Achajur cafe is morning. The cafe is located in the center of the park, which gives you more calm and fresh air. They cover and heat the cafe section, to keep it open during the winter as well.


Weekly farmers markets where you can buy locally grown fresh products bring together the farmers and the community.

If you prefer renting an airbnb apartment rather than staying in a hotel, you might be into experimenting cooking with local products. Every district in Yerevan has its own fresh produce markets on the weekends. Every Saturday and Sunday merchants set up their tents by the largest square in each neighborhood. The offerings range from vegetables and fruits to flowers. Going to a market is a great way to try amazing local produce and get a chance to meet and talk to people from the countryside. The traders love when you spend some time chatting and even bargaining with them. During the spring months look for local herbs such as Mandak, Sibekh and Dandoor. They can be boiled and then added into an omelette. A must-try and super easy to make. If you don’t want to bother with cooking, here’s a list of restaurants that have the above mentioned herbs in the menu.

Lavash Restaurant

Tavern Yerevan

Caucasus Restaurant Complex

Besides the fresh produce market, you can also check out Vernisazh by the Republic square metro station and the Art Fair by Martiros Saryan statue near the Opera house. Both are perfect for finding original art and souvenirs to take back home.

One of the largest country wide activities is planting a tree in spring, which usually happens during 2-3 short weeks in April. If you’d like to volunteer and help the organization, feel free to visit Armenia Tree Project and make a difference.

Armenians celebrate Mother’s Day on April 7th. The fancier restaurants are usually packed for the evening, but you can always feast at a less popular spot off the main street and still have a great time.


Yerevan Wine Days

Date: 3rd & 4th of May, 17:00 – 23:00

Place: Saryan and Moscow streets, on the crossroads of Pushkin-Baghramyan streets

The event is organized by EventToura company in «Street-fest» style. Winemakers from Armenian and Artsakh will present about 200 varieties of wine; restaurants and cafes will introduce specialties of Armenian and international cuisines, and all this will be accompanied with high-quality music. The area allocated to the event is much larger this year and will host more vendors than before.

The entrance to the event is free.

To taste wines presented by the local winemakers, the participants have to buy Wine Tasting Packages which cost 6000 AMD.

The Wine Tasting Package includes: - a wine glass, - comfortable carrying case for the glass, - an informative brochure about all wine producers, - 7 coupons allowing to drink 7 FULL glasses of wine from your preferred winemaker, - raffle ticket, - 20% discount coupons for several restaurants.

Both days have concerts by local musicians accompanying the event.