Made Local
January 31, 2019
February 3, 2019
Made Local
January 31, 2019
February 3, 2019

A gifted pianist as well as a composer, Hayk Melikyan, shares some thoughts about his life, career and his favorite city.

When did you first sit in front of a piano and what sensations did you have back then?

HAYK: There had always been a piano in my family, it had always been in front of my eyes, and I can remember that before I had gone to musical school, I constantly composed music and played popular melodies by ear. The creative nerve had always been with me together with the art of performing. A piano is a perfect instrument for reflecting on my emotions and my inner world.

When did you understand that music was your calling?

HAYK: During the years of my music school, my path had already been determined. Back then, I had the recordings of prominent pianists: I used to listen to them a lot, namely to Vladimir Ashkenazi, Vladimir Horowitz, Svyatoslav Richter, as well as the music by various composers, such as Rakhmaninov's piano concertos, Beethoven and Prokofiev Sonatas, Chopin’s Etudes, etc. Thus, all that should have had an impact on my thinking, my establishment and finally – on my decisions.

Hadn’t you chosen this path, what profession would you have?

HAYK: Certainly, I had some preferences, for example, I love the world of Fashion, the art of the fashion designers. Perhaps, I would have chosen that profession.

What is your most favorite place in Yerevan?

HAYK: I think that depends on the mood, and our city gives that opportunity. There are many places where you can chat in a circle of friends, have business meetings, etc. However, there are also streets that I love, particularly, Parpetsi Street and Baghramyan Avenue.

Where do you like to create your music?

HAYK: In my beloved city, I can full heartedly create my music only in my home town, to immerse myself in my emotions, listen to my own clear voice, when I am in a role of a composer.

Do you have a favorite concert hall in Yerevan?

HAYK: I like our concert halls, but we have the necessity of getting good instruments. I mean, particularly, the chamber concert halls where the pianos are very old, coming from the previous century. I am optimistic and sure that in the near future this issue will be positively solved.


Are there any contemporary Armenian artists, whom you consider talented and whose music you love?

HAYK: There are many, of course, we are a talented nation. Artists, in general sense: actors, painters (I love our abstractionist artists; they have a unique character and mentality), we, certainly, have beautiful bands, ensembles, wonderful choirs.

What music do you listen to besides the classical music?

HAYK: I am interested in the music of any style and genre, but it should be of a high-quality and professional level. I am even the author of pop songs that I have written especially for Alexander Plato. More precisely, they are a mixture of pop, rock and classical music.

Is there any composer, whose music you have not yet played, and if so, why haven’t you?

HAYK: The pieces by 20th century and contemporary composers dominate in my repertoire. And I am always looking for new compositions, and the composers also offer me their newly written pieces. For example, in the near future, I am going to reveal the music of Bulgarian composer Bozhidar Spasov and the Ukrainian Alexey Retinsky. They are very popular today in the sphere of contemporary music and it is very interesting for me to perform the pieces by the latter, including them in my playlist.

What do you dislike in Yerevan and why?

HAYK: I do not like when we are sometimes overwhelmed by the monotony in our city. At this moment, I can recollect the intolerance of the drivers, as an example of it, and also the ghosts of former green zones that everywhere remind us that our beloved Yerevan used to be a green city once.

What is the project that you had always wanted to carry out in Yerevan but you haven't got a chance to do yet?

HAYK: I do not have such a project!

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