Reshaping City Transportation by Richard Elmoyan

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February 12, 2019
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February 22, 2019

Chief Architect Arthur Meschian’s inheritance of traffic congestion revealed some key objectives in prioritizing finances for alternative transportation routes. Such like, extending the Yerevanian Metro to Ajapnyak District, and an aerial tram connecting the City Centre with Nor-Nork.

Since 2017, the City of Yerevan has spoken on relieving traffic congestion with the implementation of redesigning municipal transportation. With the disbandment of “marsrutkas,” Soviet-style taxi sharing, the current administration, under Hayk Marutyan’s mayoral leadership and Head Architect Meschian, has prioritized reaching the outskirts of Yerevan by quicker mediums.

Given financial strains, Meschian said, “… we want to choose the most strategic line, and tie the city with Ajapnyak District.” The eventual plan includes extending the metro line towards Davitashen. Recent developments in Davitashen such as Olympavan Olympic Training Complex, rising prices in the City Centre, and most notably traffic congestion are key components. But Meschian’s vision of redesigning municipal transportation will first focus on re-establishing a once-operating aerial tram.

Meschian’s focus on the aerial tram project will revolve around feasibility and efficiency. Re-establishing an aerial tram will connect Nor Nork with the City Centre, another highly commuting region in Yerevan. Due to the low cost, and already determined locations, Meschian and Marutyan oversee a quick and affordable construction in comparison to the metro expansion project.