Ten Ways to Wear Red Trousers

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by Art Grigorian
March 18, 2019
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March 22, 2019

Spring has come. It's time to fill our lives with color.

How about creating a unique and effortless style with red pants? The red pants I have used in these looks are from Zara's last collection, however, you can find similar pants in other mass market stores as well. Choose a slim fit high waist trousers ending just above the ankle. Let’s go. Start with casual looks.

1. Who doesn’t have an oversized white shirt? The same about the black leather jacket. Grab them along with multi-colored ugly-style sneakers and a casual bag.
2. What if you want to be a little romantic for a Sunday brunch? Then replace the oversized white shirt with an organza shirt (preferably printed) with a ribbon.


3. White sweatshirt with a graphical print will look effortless with red pants and a pair of light-colored sneakers (beige or white) and a sports belt bag.

4. Let’s add more color – green masculine coat, multi-colored ugly sneakers, a black sweatshirt with graphical print and a transparent bag with a neon color little bag inside. We already have a bunch of casual looks to wear every day - for evening walks, friend’s gatherings, drinking beer in a pub or walking with the kids. Now let’s try a couple of semi-casual outfits you can create with red trousers.


5. Now let’s try a couple of semi-casual outfits you can create with red trousers. Ever wondered that white shoes can look stylish? I have paired white ankle boots with red trousers, an oversized white shirt, and a yellow jumper. But wait, what about an animal print bag?

6. Pair your red trousers with any blazer that has white and red colors. Chanel style double-breasted blazer is trendy this season and a simple basic t-shirt will work too. Heeled ankle boots or like sock style ones, will also look perfect.


7. Let’s take a simple cotton t-shirt with a graphical colorful print, a leather jacket, and white ankle boots. Invest in a basic black bag. It's a must in every woman's closet and will work well with this look.

8. What can be a better option with red pants than a red blazer? Don’t be afraid of mixing styles. A basic t-shirt with an interesting graphical print will make your look unique. Black leather pumps and a trendy bag – and you are ready for a Friday night.


9. Want to add even more colors? Yellow, Blue, and Pink will be a perfect match with Red – a cartoon printed t-shirt for a weekend lunch with friends. Blue Blazer and Yellow Pumps. The secret of mixing colors is simple. We will talk about it in a later post.

10. You can wear red trousers to work if no restricted dress code exists in your workplace. Pair with an organza shirt, a checked blazer and leader pump heels. What about dinner after work with colleagues? This outfit will work perfectly.


See how easily you can integrate bright red trousers into your wardrobe and create 10 simple but stylish outfits? I knew you would love them! See you next time with more outfit ideas.

The styles were created by Mariam